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piss poor scheduleing makes me a sad, sad girl
October 5, 2006, 7:03 pm
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Hey Vicky, David, Trudy and Wallace,

So, I showed up at the UCSC to supervise the Southside Solidarity meeting at 7:00. It may possibly have been 7:02 when I got there and there’s about 12 people standing outside the door, waiting to get in, having disturbed Trudy, all of them freaking out because they thought I wasn’t coming. Then about 532 people start showing up for the meeting and we/they still need to set up the TV and pull everything out of the conference room. I start talking to the leader of the organization and I say, “Just a reminder, you’re going to have to end at about 8:10 so that we’re all out of here at 8:30.” ” 8:30? But we were planning on being here until at least 9:00.” “Well, I”m sorry, but I was told that I was going to be needed here until 8:30. I have plans so we’ll have to be out of here.” “Do you have an appointment?” “Excuse me?” “Do you have an appointment at 8:30?” “Well, kinda, yes. I’m eating dinner with friends and they’re holding the meal for me. Had I know you were planning on being here later, I could have planned otherwise, but that’s not what I was told.” “Can you find someone to come in and stay? Or can you just stay? There’s no one you can call?” “No, I’m sorry. It was hard enough for us to find someone, me, to come in.” Angry dissatisfied look. God, I’m so ungrateful, why do I hate the south side? What do I have against fighting poverty?

So, basically, I got to be a big problem and kinda an asshole, feeling like I did something wrong because the UCSC or I wasn’t given a realistic time frame.

Here are some suggestions for the future:

1. Have the CSRSO submit a firm start time and end time for their meeting.
2. Inform them that the leader or some other representative needs to be at the UCSC 15 minutes prior to that start time.
3. They should also submit a list of what supplies they’re going to need (TV, pens, paper, etc)
4. During this fifteen minutes, we’ll all set up the conference room, etc, etc.
5. They should also be informed that they will be expected to follow this time frame.
6. Trudy suggested that we have them confirm their time schedule the day before the meeting just to make sure. I agree with this.
7. The leaders should plan on staying fifteen minutes after the end time to make sure that everything is clean.
8. Then, we can schedule whoever’s going to be here for whatever time the meeting is planned for plus the extra 30 minutes.
9. Let them know that the UCSC is not open during these times, and that the supervisor is a student who is making time in their lives to facilitate their meeting. My time is just as valuable as theirs. I didn’t appreciate being made to feel like a crappy person because of poor scheduling.

Usually, staying late and supervising these meetings is really cool. The people are great and what they do is super. Tonight, the people were still awesome and what they’re doing is fantastic, but it sucked for me because I was placed in the awkward, difficult position of having to kick them out and there was nothing I could do about it. It also sucked for them because they’re meeting had to be shortened. There has to be a better way to do this that isn’t unpleasant to those involved.

That’s my two cents.

– m

ps. It’s 7:50 now, and Leah just showed up to work on the alumni database. Luckily for the CSRSO, she’s got work to do and volunteered to stay and do it here so they can finish their meeting. However, that still doesn’t solve the over arching problem.

Amelia (Mia) Valdez
University of Chicago

Incompetence Rears His Ugly Head
May 3, 2006, 12:12 pm
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I accidentally cashed myself Friday night. I just blinged — blung? — a little too hard, and woke up Saturday (for work of all things) sad sad sad with the state of affairs. We’re talking hacking cough, chills, aches, dizziness, inability to form cohesive thoughts. The not eating for days may have contributed, but hey, whatev. Luckily, I caught a nap on the couch in the lobby like a hobo, and was ready to give my presentation at 1:00. It was odd. I think most of the people just assumed I was some overworked, under rested Med Student, collapsed under the weight of O-Chem and unreal expectations. Freshly enlivened by my nap, I was able to regale the masses with everything they need to know about the Community Service Fund and the Community Service Finance Committe. All with the kind of hangover that just makes you feel stooped.

The night before, when we were all hanging out with Sydney, everyone remembered that I’m secretely a Giant Bureaucrate. Oh the horror! The travesty!! This giant hippie secretly climbs the ladder of bureaucratic bullshit on a regular basis? It was so shocking that Katherine had to go ride her bike. I forget sometimes too. Keep in mind: I’m a bureaucrate for social justice.

Insert three days of sleeping here.

I had this Heidegger midterm that was due Tuesday, right? And I realized very early on that I wasn’t going to get in done in time. I’m better now, but only recently. It’s a good thing I bought 4,304 doses of NyQuil at Costco because I’ve been downright loopy on the stuff for days now. So, like the good student I am (Oh shut up, you. Quit your snickering.) I decided to seek an extension as opposed to writing a bunch of drug ridden dribble that would make Heidegger cry. An extension of glory, if you will.

What do you do when you want an extension? You email the T.A., he says yea or nay, and everyone goes about their business. Right? In perfect form, I email home dude on Saturday afternoon, once my condition became startling clear — that would be right after I feel over trying to get off the couch. His name is Clark Remington. I couldn’t make that up, folks.

I don’t hear from him.
I don’t hear from him.

I get an email MONDAY AFTERNOON saying that my TA is an incompetent idiot and I’m going to have to ask the Prof. This paper is due TUESDAY at 1:30. I ask you, as a T.A., what do you do? What is the point? You hold office hours, lead discussion secition, AND GIVE EXTENSIONS. You don’t know if I can have an extension? What is it exactly you do? WHAT GOOD ARE YOU TO ME? Don’t get me started on the need for timeliness.

I emerge from my NyQuil fog Tuesday morning long enough to check my email and crawl in bed with Alii.
Still no email. No email. No email.

Then, under the influence, I emailed the Prof, telling him what’s been happening. And telling him that he’ll have his paper on Thursday. So, yea, I, uh, kinda, uh, gave myself an extension. I hope it worked.

Still no word from either.
Still no paper either.

BUT I’M NOT DOPED UP ON NYQUIL!! I CAN WALK ACROSS THE ROOM WITHOUT FALLING OVER!! HACKING COUGH IS GONE! That’s got to count for something. Heidegger paper domination: here I come.

I’m only going to make it to 50% of my classes this week.
Hey, it’s up from 33% last week.

Let Me Know, Kay?
March 28, 2006, 9:51 am
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I have 45,304 things to say about Texas, but I also have class. Soon. More later.

But for know, let me say: If I smell like piss let me know, kay?

I walked into work yesterday, tired and homesick, ready to watch “Diego” and eat hot dogs, when Holly say, “Oh, by the way, I bought all these cute underwear for Caroline, so we should start potty training her.” And promptly dumps a huge pile of pink Dora the Explorer underwear onto the living room table.

We? WE?

So, Caroline peed her pants twice in 2 hours with yours truely being on pants-changing duty. This is not going to be easy. She doesn’t won’t use the toilet and all the pink commercialism themed underwear in the world are to no effect.

Oh, and did I mention that since she missed me, Litte Bit has been extra affectionate? (Read: crawling into my lap in an adorable fashion, then promptly attempting to scale Mount Mia.)

I wash her.
I change her pants.
She is piss free.
Therefore, by the power of logic, I shouldn’t have piss on me and/or smell like pee

Plan of attack: cease giving her liquid.

I Heart UCSC
January 12, 2006, 2:25 pm
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My name is Amelia Valdez and I am a Program Assistant at the University Community Service Center (UCSC). I am writing to invite you to be a panel member for “Faith and Science: Intersections in Everyday Life.” This discussion is one of a series hosted by UCSC exploring issues of interest on campus and their impact in Chicago’s communities.

The aim of “Faith and Science” is to look more closely at places in everyday life where the seemingly incompatible worlds of scientific knowledge and doctrines of faith collide. As science increases our knowledge about the nature of the world around us, how does one reconcile these emerging facts with faith and a religious life? Since your work brings you into contact with this issue frequently, we hope you will provide could provide insight, opinions and advice based on your own experiences. In the discussion, we will focus on issues like the teaching of evolution, advances in medical technology, death and dying, environmentalism and other issues as they are dealt with by working adults in the real world, outside the theoretical sphere of a university classroom

The discussion will be held in the South Lounge of the Reynolds Club at 5706 S. University Avenue on January 25th, 2006 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. We are expecting an audience of approximately 40-50 students, staff, and faculty. In addition to yourself, we are inviting 3-4 others whose work deals with both these realms, including journalists, educators, and medical chaplains. Our aim is to foster dialogue among participants and panelists; as such we’d love to have you share your perspective for approximately 10 minutes, followed by a moderated discussion. In our experiences, this format provides an opportunity to both share the expertise and experience of practitioners and allow for in-depth dialogue. I hope that you will be able to participate and share you knowledge with our community. If you have any questions, would like more information, or would like to confirm your attendance please feel free to email me at or call myself or David Hays, UCSC’s Assistant Director at 773-753-4483. I sincerely hope you will accept our invitation to become a panelist.

Thank you for your time,

Amelia Valdez

I Could Totally Take Heidi Coleman
April 28, 2005, 12:32 pm
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My Room
About to Nap
1:33 pm
Thursday, April 28, 2005

I Could Totally Take Heidi Coleman

She is the head of the University Theater Departement. Which sucks a lot. Naked Theater was made in reaction to UT, becasue they’re bureaucratic and soul-sucking. I mean, truely horrible — they crush the fabulous, artistic, creative spirit. So here’s what went down.

Chris and I went to meet the Bill Michael (Dean of Student Life) to see about procuring a space for Naked Theater. Naked is the theater comapny I’m invovled in, in case you missed that. We were started last year, and we we’re already growing, expanding, creating traditions, and making beautiful, inspiring work. We need a theater. Why is it that UT has permenant jurisdicition over all the theaters on campus? Can Naked have the BJ Theater since UT has never never done a production in there? These are the questions that took Chris and I to Bill Michael. He was so helpful. He listened and I think he understands our position, our legitmate reasons for complaint. He said we needed to go talk to Heidi Coleman to see what the procedures are that are already in place for using their theaters. So we did.

And goddamn, she’s the biggest bitch ever. Yes, she doesn’t like Naked Theater. That’s fine. I don’t like UT. But she had no right to treat me that way. I don’t care what organization I’m from, or how our artisitic opinions differ. Neither of us had ever met her before. She was rude. She was condescending. She refused to listen to our opinions. It was horrible.

So, Naked Theater is in a battle now. We’re trying to get space, Chris and I may go and file a formal complaint against that Crusty Cunt formally, with her boss. We’re up in arms though. I say Bring It. I can totally take Heidi Coleman. We’re going to talk about it at the meeting tonight. Which I’m chairing. Good God.

In other news, Life’s okay. My dad bought me a new car! A Honda Element. Yea, I’m excited. Good times. I gave a campus tour to children today. I have meetings upon meetings for many many things. I with I didn’t have to work, I mean at STRIVE. But, I need money. Budget for Naked is due in a week. God I’m a bureaucrate sometimes. At least I use bureacrative power for good, right?

I had a paper due yesterday that went well. I realized I’m really quite good at reading and thinking about what I find therein. It’s pretty sweet. I mean, I realized that that’s my life. I was a little strung out, “Oh, God. I wrote this paper all day. I had to get up and read, and write and ohh poor me.” Then I realized, damn, I’ve got it good. This is a great life.

The play’s going . . .eh. We open in two weeks, and the actors need to get their act together, remove their collective heads from their asses and get serious. Honestly, they’re the ones that’ll look stupid on opening night, not me. Not Ben. It’s stressful, and I’m behind in my work. C’est la vie.

Nap Time!

Here’s For Doing Your Best
January 25, 2005, 10:49 am
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Post Physics Midterm Decompression

NEED to clean my room

Hmmm. . .

10:51 am

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Here’s For Doing Your Best

I actually don’t think I completely failed my physics midterm. Hooray for studying, and being at least moderatly prepared. For doing the best you can, and not worrying that it might not have been perfect.

I think I may be pulling on through to the other side of the mental mayhem I’ve been engulfed in for the past week or so. I had a Community Service Finance Commitee meeting yesterday, and it was very life re-affirming. It made me realize that yes, I am doing good things with my life, as are all these other people that want us to allocate them funds to do that more effectively. It was very pleasant to have my opinion listened to and respected for what it is. Turns out, every once in a while I know what I’m talking about.

The CSFC is a student committee, run on two year appointments, that allocates funds to varoius Registered Student Organizations and student groups for community service related projects. Everyone pays a Student Activity Fee with the majority going to the Student Government Finance Committee to give out for study breaks, and such, with the rest going to us to distribute. We have a yearly meeting where we give huge chunks of money to groups like APO and such for their scheduled activities that take place all year, then quarterly meetings where we allocate to smaller groups for specific projects. People come and make presentations, we read their proposals, discuss their aims, and their administrative ability to successfully execute their plan, then we vote. There’s about 8 people on the committee, and there was 6 of us last night. I always enjoy in more then I think I will.

What’s always so life affirming is the people. It’s such a blessing to be reminded of not only what I want to do with my life as a whole, but to see all these others, just as bogged down with work, all with their own social issues, and hundreds of other things that I can’t even begin to fathom in the 20 minutes we talk to them — yet they’re not giving up. They, Me, Us — we’re all still committeed to working for social change, whether on a large scale, as with MEChA, who’s organizing a series of workshops that will show Latino students that they have other opitions besides trade school and unions, to helping make individual’s lives just a little easier, like Friend’s of Ronald McDonald House who cook dinner and plan family activities like bingo for the families staying there while their other children are in the hospital.

It’s made me realize that I need to do more. While I’ve been telling Kenneth that, I myself have become a tad complacient in the recent weeks. In my own defense, I’ve been struggling with not having a nutty every 45 minutes, not having panic attacks, not sinking into the depths of useless, pointless depression. But, no more.

To start: Thrusday, Ayse and I are going to a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood. It’s to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and a woman’s right to choose. Tickets are $120 if you can afford it, $25 for students. It’s going to be fabulous — food, cocktails, and brillant speakers, all for a great cause. Who am I to deny my overies their due? Lord knows that I owe Planned Parenthood more then just this event, but I’m glad to do what little part I can. And if the cause wasn’t enough, Barack Obama is going to speak. Hooray for superb political minds, with vision and determination. As Mom said, I wouldn’t be suprised, in fact I hope, that I see Obama as president in my life time.

And on that note, I need to call Inroads and see if I can go to the Talent Pool in Chicago, and I need to finish my Summer Links application, and Oh, is my room a shithole.

Here’s to getting a firm grasp of my horses yet again.